How to Show Admin Bar to Administrators Only

Are you developing a WordPress website and want hide admin toolbar from front-end website for non-WordPress users. Open the functions.php file and copy paste below code at the end of the file and save it.

Below code will hide the admin toolbar to all logged in users except admins only.

How to Show Admin Bar to Administrators Only

This code is very useful for the membership website or those websites which allow user registration from front-end websites.

You can also do this by using a WordPress plugin named “Hide Admin Bar from Non-Admins“. This plugin will automatically remove the admin toolbar from front-end site. Download the latest version of this plugin from below link and install it into your website.

Download From

How to Install Hide Admin Bar from Non-Admins Plugin

The installation of this plugin is very simple and easy as other WordPress plugins are. If you have just started with WordPress, Read:

After installation of this plugin, no need to configure, It will automatically work.

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