How to Redirect The 404 Pages on Home Page in WordPress

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Hi friends, hope you are doing good. Today I am going to share a very useful WordPress tutorial with you which will help you to boost your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) score of your WordPress blog and websites. In this tutorial, I will share how to redirect the 404 pages on the home page in WordPress.

How to Redirect The 404 Pages on Home Page in WordPress

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Why Important to fix 404 link

It is very important to fix the all 404 page not found link, because of if you not fix these links, then it will affect your SEO score and it may be your website rank will go down in Google search.

How to Redirect The 404 Pages on Home Page in WordPress

If you acquire a pre-owned domain or developed a new WordPress website. If you get the 404 page not found the error on your website while accessing the inner pages of your website. In my recent post I have shared:

It is very hard to go to all pages and remove the all broken links from page contents so that I will be recommended to use the 404 Redirection WordPress plugin to redirect the all broken links of your website on the home page or page you want. Now, you’ll never have to worry about not salvaging every drip of link-juice.

How to Install 404 Redirection Plugin

The installation of 404 redirection plugin is very simple and easy as other WordPress plugins. If you have just started with WordPress OR WordPress beginners, then check out:

404 Redirection WordPress plugin got the very good reviews from many WordPress users bellow are the some of the comments.

404 Redirection plugin reviews

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