WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

If you are using a WordPress based website/blog or going to consider WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), then you may be concerned about some common WordPress security vulnerabilities.

In today’s tutorial, I will outline some common security flaws in WordPress websites. You should take some extra steps to protect your WordPress websites from attackers/hackers.


Security Issues With WordPress

Nowadays many WordPress websites are hacked due to not implemented the security guidelines, so pay your attention in this tutorial: WordPress Security
Implementation Guidelines. Below is the reasons, why WordPress websites hacked:

1) 41% get hacked due to vulnerabilities in hosting.
2) 29% by means of an insecure WordPress theme.
3) 22% via a vulnerable WordPress plugin.
4) 8% because of weak passwords.

Below are the list of some security flaws:
1) Brute Force Attacks
2) SQL Injections
3) Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
4) Malware

Why Your WordPress Site Have Security Issues

There are several factors which can make your WordPress site more vulnerable and invite the hackers to hack your WordPress site.

1) Not Updating WordPress and Plugins

Update WordPress

You are not updating your WordPress site with the latest version of WordPress and you plugins. WordPress team regularly updating the security related issues and vulnerable things from WordPress core and they also recommended to update your WordPress site with the latest version of WordPress.

Using a Poor-Quality or Shared Hosting


There is a big role of hosting on your website. If you are using a poor quality or shared hosting, then your site is more vulnerable to being compromised. Shared hosting is also a concern due to multiple websites are hosted on one single server. Alway try to use the best WordPress hosting from trusted hosting companies. Below are the best WordPress hosting companies recommended by WordPress officially.

Weak Passwords

Using a weak password for your WordPress site admin is one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in your website. If you are using a weak password to access your WordPress admin panel, then I recommend to change your admin password with the strong password, you can also use many strong password tool to generate the strong password for your WordPress sites.

I will also recommend to changing your admin username from “admin” to something else. Below is the awesome tool to generate the strong password:

Download eBook: WordPress Security Guide

I have written an eBook to protect your WordPress websites from hackers. I have discussed many security tips and trick which will be very helpful for you if you are a WordPress developer OR you are running a WordPress site. If you are a serious WordPress developer OR WordPress website owner, then you must implement the Security Guideline in your WordPress website. It will help you to protect from hackers/attackers.

In this eBook, I have described the best security practices for your WordPress websites which will help you to protect your website from hackers. And also at the end of this eBook, I have shared some security WordPress plugins.

wordpress security guide

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