WordPress Spam Protection

Are you using WordPress as CMS ( Content Manage System ) for your website OR you are planning to use WordPress as your business websites/blog? It’s great to use WordPress to develop your business websites/blog. WordPress is very easy to maintain and very user-friendly admin panel. WordPress’s admin panel is very user-friendly, that can anyone can use it.

There is some problem with WordPress like there are many untrusted WordPress themes or plugins developers who are developing and share their plugins on his websites at 100% free. Due to this, sometimes your website faced with the spamming problems so that in today’s tutorial, I am going to share a very important plugin which helps you to protect from spam from your sites.

WordPress Spam Protection

Login to your site admin panel and navigate to the Plugins => Installed Plugins and click on the Installed Plugins menu options. Search “Akismet Anti-Spam” and click on the Activate option to enable this plugin features in your sites.

Akismet Anti-Spam

After activated Akismet Anti-Spam plugin, Click on the “Set up your Akismet account” button to create your account with Akismet portal.

setup akismet account

Now set up your Akismet account and get your API key from Akismet website after signup.

akismet account setup

Now copy the API key from Akismet website and enter in your website and click on the “Connect with API key” button option to connect your site with Akismet to protect from spam attacks.

Akismet api key

Now go to the dashboard your site and see the report. It will look like below screenshots.

Akismet dashboard

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