AngularJS Events – Beginner Tutorial

Hello friend, hope you are in good health and spirit. In today tutorial, I am going to share the angular js events and its uses for example in real-time web applications.

If you have just started with angular js or want to learn Angular js, then keep your close attention in this tutorial. This tutorial is very helpful for you.

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If you are a web developer, you have to deal with different DOM (Document Object Model) events like the key press, mouse over, mouse click and other DOM events.

AngularJS Events

Below is the list of angular js event listeners:

1) ng-blur
2) ng-change
3) ng-click
4) ng-copy
5) ng-cut
6) ng-dblclick
7) ng-focus
8) ng-keydown
9) ng-keypress
10) ng-keyup
11) ng-paste

Below angular js events are the Mouse Events.

1) ng-mousedown
2) ng-mouseenter
3) ng-mouseleave
4) ng-mousemove
5) ng-mouseover
6) ng-mouseup

Blow is an example of ng-mousemove events.

The ng-click Directive

Blow is an example of ng-click events.

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