Best Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Website Development

Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is powering approx 60% of the blogs and 40% of the websites which are live on the World Wide Web. In this tutorial, I will explain the best reasons to choose WordPress for your website development, so keep your close attention in this post and please make sure subscribe my blog to get all future tutorials directly in your mail box.

Best Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Website Development

Best Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Website Development

every 5th website on the internet is powered by WordPress and approx 100,000 new come online every day...

1. Open-source

WordPress is best CMS and it is mostly used to develop new small business websites and blogs. It is 100% free of cost and it is an open source software. If you passionate to develop WordPress, then you can also contribute to WordPress core, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins. Its have many free plugins to enhance features of WordPress websites.

2. Make Sure to Secure Like Bullet Proof

I have heard from many peoples, that WordPress is not secure and website based on WordPress can be easily hacked by hackers, but it’s wrong. It totally depends on how your WordPress developer developed your websites. Nowadays many plugins are available with vulnerable plugins and free themes are available and peoples are using this on his site, that’s the main reason to hack your website.

WordPress bullet proof

Please make sure to not use any plugins or theme out from the like any other websites, It may contain the vulnerabilities and one thing more also ask your WordPress developer for security audits after your website is developed and ready to launch. Without security audit, please do not consider to move your site to the production server.

If you are a serious WordPress developer OR WordPress website owner, then you must implement the Security Guideline in your WordPress website. It will help you to protect from hackers/attackers.

3. Easy SEO

WordPress is the best suit for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also very easy to implement the SEO. There is many WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin available in the WordPress plugin directory. Yost SEO plugin is the best search optimization firm based in Netherlands and its developers are responsible for over 10% of WordPress releases.

wordpress SEO

4. WordPress has lots of plugins

WordPress has lots of plugins available in WordPress officially plugin repository. You can extends your WordPress website features for your purposes.


5. Easy to use

WordPress is easy to use and it is also a very scalable. WordPress has very nice WordPress admin panel UI (User Interface). WordPress is very easy to use even for a beginner. It is trusted by millions of his users and many new peoples are joining the WordPress community by creating their first website powered by WordPress. If you are a WordPress beginners, then check out:

Over to You

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