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First C Program

Are you want to start with C programming language, then let’s start it with your first “Hello world” program in C language. Follow the below steps to create, compile, and run the first C program.

1) Make Entry of TC>bin inside Path Variable and Click on OK.


2) Open your favorite editor and copy paste below code to execute your first C program.

3) Now Open Command Prompt by typing cmd inside “Run” Option.

4) Go to Path Where you have Saved your C Programs.

D:\>cd C Programs
D:\C Programs>

5) Suppose we have Saved hello.c program inside “C Programs” folder. then type this command to Compile hello.c

D:\C Programs>tcc hello.c

6) After typing “tcc command” we can compile C Program.

7) Now it’s time to run C Program after Successful Compilation.Just Type Program name and Hit Enter you will get output on the console

D:\C Programs>hello

Below is the output of your above program.

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