How to Add a Simple Captcha in Contact Form

Are you want to add a simple captcha in your WordPress website with contact form 7 WordPress plugin, then this tutorial is specially designed for you. In today tutorial, I will explain how to add a simple captcha in contact form.

Are you using a contact form 7 plugin in your WordPress site and want to add a simple captcha in that form, then use the “Really Simple CAPTCHA” Plugin. It is compatible with contact from 7 WordPress plugin. It is originally developed by the team of Contact Form 7 plugin. You can also use it with your own contact form plugins.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

How to Add a Simple Captcha in Contact Form

Download the latest version of “Really Simple CAPTCHA” plugin from directory and install it into your website. If you have just started with WordPress, then check out this post first:

  • How to Install a WordPress Plugins
  • How to Install a WordPress Themes

After installation, activate this plugin and click on Contact menu option in Admin panel. Now click on Add New button, then you will be redirected to the add new contact form screen.

Add New Contact Form ‹ FreeWebMentor — WordPress

Fill the required fields and then add the captcha in your form and click on Save button to save the captcha. Now visit the front-end website, you will see the simple captcha at the end of your contact form. See the below screenshots:

contact form captcha screenshot-1

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