How to add Multiple Authors to a WordPress Post

If you are running a multi author blog and want to add the co-authors in your WordPress posts, then keep your close attention in this tutorial as I am going to share how to add multiple authors to a WordPress post.

How to add Multiple Authors to a WordPress Post

You can achive this by using the Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin developed by Mohammad Jangda, Daniel Bachhuber, Automattic.

Co-Authors Plus

By using this plugin, you can add the multiple co-authors to a WordPress post. The co-authors can edit those posts for which they are associated.


Follow the below steps to install Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin:

Step 1) Login to your admin panel and navigate to the Plugins=>Add New.

Step 2) Search “Co-Authors Plus” in search text area and click on Install Now button.

Step 3) After the installation, click on Activate button to enable the plugin features.

Step 4) Now replace the below code in your theme file. Find the the_author(); and replace with below code:

The co-authors can be added in any post and page or even in custom post type using an auto-complete feature. The authors will be listed as a suggestion while typing the author name, see the below screenshot.

How to add Multiple Authors to a WordPress Post

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