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If you want to write a C++ program to check whether the entered number is palindrome number or not, then this tutorial is specially designed for you. Please keep your close attention in this post as I am going to share a C++ program to check palindrome number while executing below C++ program.

What is Palindrome Number?

The palindrome number is a number which is equal to it’s reversed number, like if the user entered 12321, then the reversed number of entered number is same as the original number so that this number is a palindrome number.

How to Check Palindrome Number?

if you want to check the palindrome number, then first you need to reserve the entered number and then check if the reversed number and entered number is same, then that number is a palindrome number. Below program will check whether entered number is a palindrome number or not.

Output is:

//Frist try
Enter a positive number: 151
Reverse number is: 151
This number is a palindrome number.
#Second try
Enter a positive number: 1345
Reverse number is: 5431
This number is not a palindrome number.

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