How to Delete User Roles from a WordPress Site

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One of my blog visitors asked a question how to create, edit and delete user roles from your WordPress website with the help of this great plugin. In today’s tutorial, I will share a great WordPress plugin which will allow you add new user role, edit and delete the default user role from your WordPress.

WPFront User Role Editor is the best WordPress plugin which can create, edit, and delete the default WordPress user role or can create a new role.

How to Delete User Roles from a WordPress Site

WPFront User Role Editor

Plugin Name: WPFront User Role Editor
Plugin Author: Syam Mohan
Price: Free

Download From

Plugin Features

  1. Create new roles.
  2. Edit or rename default existing roles.
  3. Clone any default role.
  4. Manage user capabilities.
  5. Restore the deleted default role.
  6. Change default user role.
  7. Migrate the existing users.
  8. And much more..

How to install WPFront User Role Editor

The installation of WPFront User Role Editor WordPress plugin is very simple and easy as other WordPress plugins. If you have just started with WordPress, then check out:

After installation of this plugin, follow the plugin instructions. For the better under standing, see the below Screenshots.

WPFront User Role Editor-1

WPFront User Role Editor-2

Over to You

If you still need any help to configure the WPFront User Role Editor WordPress plugins, then feel free to put your comments in below comment section. I will be happy to help to configure WPFront User Role Editor plugin on your website. Do you like & share this article with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn cool WordPress tutorials.

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