Function Overriding in C++

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By end of this tutorial, you will be able to learn more about the function overriding, what is function overriding and how to use function overriding in c++ programming language. I have defined the function overriding with the help of an example written in c++ programs.

What is function overriding?

If we have inherited the base class in the derived class and again write a definition of one of the functions of base class’s function, which is already in derive from the base class, this mechanism is called the function overriding.

Here is the live example, just assume a function named void display() in exists in base class and after inheriting the base class, you again write the definition of void display() in case of you need to add or update something in that function.

Function Overloading in C++

How to use function overriding in c++?

Please execute the below c++ program for better understanding of the function overriding in c++. In the below example, we have defined the void display() function in base class and agian we have modified the definition of void display() in derive class.


Base class
Derived class

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