C Programming Interview Questions and Answers

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Are you a C programming beginners, or just finished the learning of c programming language and looking for the job in c programming, then this tutorial will help you lot. Please keep your close attention in this tutorial as I am going to share some common c programming interview question with answers & example.

c programming interview questions

c programming interview questions

Question 1: What is c language?

Answer: Learn more about what is c programming language…

Question 2: How to write a c program to print “Hello world” without using any semicolon?

Answer: You can print the “Hello World” without using any semicolon with the help of if statement. See the below example:

Question 3: What is pointer in c programming language?

Answer: Learn about what is pointer in c language…

Question 4: How to swap two variables without using any third variable?

Answer: Learn about how to swap two numbers without using any third variable…

Question 5: What is NULL pointer in c language?

Answer: Null pointer is a special reserved value of a pointer in c language and it is used to indicate that the pointer doesn’t point to a valid location. see the below example:

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