Quick Tip: How to Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel

Sometimes we worked with non-technical clients who don’t know more about the technology, so in that condition, we have to remove the unused menu items from WordPress Admin Panel. In this tutorial, I am going to share the quick tip to remove menu items in WordPress Admin panel by using the pre-defined WordPress functions.

There are two type of menu item in WordPress admin panel:

  1. Menu Items
  2. Submenu Items

There are separate functions are available to remove the menu items and submenu items. Be will find out both with the example below.

remove wordpress admin menu items

You can remove the unused Admin menu items by using the below code in your functions.php file. The unused admin menu item is depending on your client requirement. Open your functions.php file from your themes and add the below at the end of the file.


Below is the example how you can remove the admin menu items in your project:

Remove admin submenu items

If you want to remove the submenu only from admin panel, then use the remove_submenu_page() function. If you used remove_menu_page() function, then it will not work for submenu items.

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