How to Move WordPress Website From HTTP to HTTPS

Hello friends, hope you are doing good! Today, I am going to share a very useful tutorial how to move WordPress website from http to https.


Google has recently launched a new version of Chrome browser with some new features including the website security notification. After this release, if your website has not installed the SSL certificate, then it will display the “Not Secure” notification in Chrome address bar. See the below screenshot.

google chrome not secure notificatioon

Google Chrome will display the Not Secure in the URL bar on those pages which contains the password and credit card input fields. If your website contains login form or credit/debit card information, then you should move to the HTTPS URL by installing the SSL certificate on your domain to protect data of your customers.

Below is the complete steps to follow after mov=ed your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

How to move Website From HTTP to HTTPS

Follow the below steps to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS:

Step 1) Login to WordPress admin and navigate to the Settings => General => Update URL to HTTPS version like

Step 2) Now go to the Plugins=> Add New and search Better Search Replace and install it.

Step 3) After activated the plugin replace all HTTP version URLs to HTTPS From to

Step 4) Login to Google Search Console => Delete old property and add a new property in the HTTPS version URL and Submit Sitemap with HTTPS URLs.

Step 5) Update Google Analytics Profile URL to HTTPS version.

Step 6) Now open your .htaccess file from root directory of your website and add the below code at the end of the file.

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