Awesome Free Tools To Check WordPress Vulnerabilities Online

In this tutorial, I will share some awesome free tools to scan WordPress vulnerabilities online which will help you to make your WordPress sites hackProof!

If you are a WordPress developer or WordPress users, then keep your close attention in this tutorial. I have researched and prepare this list of free WordPress online tools for vulnerabilities checks.


WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Below is the list of WordPress vulnerabilities checker online tools.

WordPress Security Scan

WordPress Security Scan


WordPress Security Scan will analyze your website for application security, WordPress plugins, hosting environment and web server. It will also scan and downloads the handful pages from your website and performs analysis on the raw HTML code.




Sucuri is wetheirown for their vulnerability reports on WordPress ecosystem on both WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. It will scan your complete website and provide the security loop fall on your websites.

wordpress vulnerability scanner



WpScans will check your website with their intelligent scanning algorithms and generates the all known bugs and security vulnerabilities which contains over 4000+ reported vulnerabilities. It will help you to secure your WordPress site from hacking.

Over to You

Hope this post will help you to scan your WordPress websites to check the vulnerabilities. If found any other free online tool for vulnerabilities checks and want to add to above list, then feel free to add your comments in below comment section.

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