How to Approve/Deny User After Register With WordPress site

If you want to add an option for the WordPress site admin to approve/Deny all registered users with your WordPress site, then keep your close attention in this tutorial as I am going to share how to approve/Deny user after register with the WordPress site.

Today, I will share a WordPress plugin named “New User Approve” which modifies the default WordPress user registration process. When a user
registers on your WordPress site, then the user gets created and then an email sent to the site administrator.


How to Approve/Deny User After Register With WordPress site

After the site Administrator has an option to approve or reject the user to access their WordPress site.

Default WordPress User Login/Register Process

  • User registers for access to DailyFeast site.
  • User is shown message to check email to verify his identity.
  • After verifying, new user can login to site and move forward.
  • Admin is notified of new user register via email.

After User Login/Register Process

After Install the New User Approve plugin on your WordPress site, the user registration process will change like:

  • User registers for access to DailyFeast site.
  • User is shown message to wait 24 hours for approval.
  • Admin will notified of new user register via email.
  • Admin login to wp-admin to Approve or Deny new user.Email is sent to user. If approved, user can login to site using login credentials.
  • If deny, user will get the error message while trying to login using login credentials.

How to install New User Approve Plugin

The installation of New User Approve plugin is very simple & easy as other plugins. If you have just started with WordPress, check out:

After installation of this plugin click on Activate button to enable the plugin features on your WordPress site. Now go to the Users =>All Users and you will see an option to Approve/Deny to the registered user on your site. Below is some screenshot of admin.



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