Gmail SMTP Settings For Sending Email

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If you are not getting the emails from your site or you are getting emails in your Junk/spam folders, then you should configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) in your code. To configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) you need some details like hostname, username, and port number, etc..

In this tutorial, I will explain how to get the Gmail SMTP settings for sending email by using your code.

Gmail SMTP Settings for Sending Mail

Gmail’s Default SMTP Settings

Below are the specific details you need to set up SMTP for Gmail.

  • Gmail SMTP server address:
  • Gmail SMTP username: Your Gmail address (e.g. [email protected])
  • Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587
  • Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465
  • Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

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