How to Fix Author Page Redirects to Homepage in WordPress

If you are facing the issue to access the author’s page (i.e. and it will be redirected to the homepage of your WordPress site, then keep your close attention in this post as I am going to share how to fix author page redirects to the homepage in WordPress.

Follow these steps to fix this issue:

Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard and deactivate the Yost SEO plugins and again try to access the Author page. I am sure It will not be redirected to the homepage.

If you want to keep the Yost SEO plugin on your WordPress site, then follow steps:

Step 1) Go to Dashboard => General => Open The Configuration wizard.

General Yoast SEO ‹ FreeWebMentor — WordPress

Step 2) Choose the “Multi User” in of the step in it.

Yoast SEO › Configuration Wizard

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