Linked List Program in C

In this tutorial, We will explain how to write linked list program in c programming language with example.

Linked lists are the best and simplest solution of a dynamic data structure which uses pointers for its implementation to arrange the dynamically allocated nodes.

At the end of this program, we have shared the real-time output of this program. Copy below program and execute it with the help of C compiler.

Program Output

Below is the output of above program.

Linked List : To create and display Singly Linked List :
Input the number of nodes: 5
Input data for node 1: 15
Input data for node 2: 25
Input data for node 3: 10
Input data for node 4: 5
Input data for node 5: 20
Data entered in the list:
Data = 5
Data = 10
Data = 15
Data = 20
Data = 25

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