Swift Programming Language Basics

Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple Inc for developing the apps for IOS and Mac operating system. If you want to start with Swift programming language, then this tutorial will help you to get started in Swift programming language.

swift programming language

The lasted version of Swift is 4.1 with some new feature from version Swift 3. To learn the Swift Programming Language you haven’t required any previous programming knowledge, but you have the basic understanding of any computer programming languages like c, c++, java, etc…

Basic Swift program example

Below is the simple swift program.


Hello, World!

Data types in Swift

Below is the list of data types which are used in Swift programming language.

  • String
  • Int (Range -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,648)
  • Double (15 digit precision)
  • Float (6 digit precision)
  • Bool

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