C Programming Interview Questions Answer

Question 1) What is C language?
C is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language and procedural programming language.

Question 2) Who is the founder of C language?
Dennis Ritchie.

Question 3) When C langauge was developed?
C language was developed in 1972 at bell laboratories of AT&T.

Question 4) What is the use of printf() and scanf() functions?
In the c programming language the printf() function is used for output and scanf() function is used for input.

Question 5) What is recursion in C?
In the c programming language, Recursion is the process of repeating items in a self-similar way.

Question 6) What is pointer in C?
In the c programming language, A pointer is a variable that refers to the address of a value.

Question 7) How will you print “Hello World” without semicolon?

Question 8) What is array in C?
In the c programming language, An array is a collection of similar types of elements. It has contiguous memory location.

Question 9) What is a nested structure?
A structure is a collection of different of types of variables.

Question 10) Is FILE a built-in data type?
No, it is a structure defined in #include stdio.h.

Question 11) What are different storage class specifiers in C?
auto, register, static, extern.

Question 12) What is a variable in C?
A variable is the name storage.

Question 13) Can we run a program without main() function?
Yes, we can run a program without main() function. See the below example:

Question 14) Can we access the array using pointer?
Yes, by holding the array’s base address in a pointer.

Question 15) What is static variable in C?
A variable which retains it’s value between different function calls is called the static variable.

Question 16) What is dangling pointer in C?
Dangling pointer is pointing to non-existing memory location.

Question 17) What is “##” operator in C?
“##” operator is a pre-processor macro in C programming language.

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