C++ Interview Question and Answer

Below is the list of c++ interview question and answer for the beginners. It will also help to the experience c++ programmers, who have 1-2 years industry working experience in c++ programming.

C++ interview question and answer

Here is the c++ interview question and answer for beginners and experienced to crack your next interviews.

Question 1) What is the full form of OOPS?
The full form of OOPS is Object Oriented Programming System.

Question 2) What is an object in OOPS?
An object is an instance of the class in object oriented programming system.

Question 3) How many access specifiers in c++?
There are three access specifiers in C++ programming language:
1) Public
2) Protected
3) Private

Question 4) What is abstraction?
The process of hiding unwanted details from the user is called the Abstraction in object oriented programming language.

Question 5) What is a scope resolution operator?
Scope resolution operator is used to define the member function outside of class. It is denoted by (::) symbol.

Question 6) What is namespace?
By using the Namespace, you can set a group of global classes, object and functions with one single name.

Question 7) What do you mean by inheritance?
By using the Inheritance, you can inherit the functionalities of base class in derive class. You can also chage/append the new features in derive class without changing the base class.

Question 8) What is STL in C++?
The STL stands for Standard Template Library. It is a library of some standard function which is approved by ANSI committee.

Question 9) What is RTTI in C++?
The STL stands for Runtime type identification.

Question 10) Write a C++ program to add any two numbers?
you can add any two number by using the plus(+) operator. click here for more details.

Question 11) Write a C++ program to subtract any two numbers?
you can add any two number by using the plus(-) operator. click here for more details.

Question 12) Explicit Calling example?
A constructor’s name is specified in the calling statement i called the Explicite calling. see the below example.

Question 13) What is mean by Address operator (&)?
An Address operator (&) is used to store the address of any variable.

Question 14) What is a friend class in c++?
For the accessing of Protected class’s member function you can use the friend function in the derive class.

Question 15) What is “std” stand for?
std is a default namespace defined by C++.

Question 16) What is “cout”?
“cout” is a obejct of a class which is used to print the value.

Question 17) Are the error and exceptions same?
No, it is not the same.

Question 18) What is “cin”?
“cin” is a obejct of a class which is used to take input while execute any c++ program.

Question 19) Who is father of c++?
Bjarne Stroustrup

Question 20) When c++ is discovered?
c++ is discovered in 1985 by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Question 21) What is pointer in C++?
A pointer is a variable which is used to store the address of another variable.

Question 22) What is the destructor in C++?
A destructor is used to delete the extra resource allocated by another object in c++ programming language.

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