Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

In this tutorial, we will share the list of complete Microsoft Word shortcut keys with description. It will help you to increase your productivity in your work. If you are a beginner, then it helps you to understand the basic computer functionality and Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys With Description

Microsoft Word keyword shortcut keys make your work easier, quicker to navigating and executing commands in computer software programs.

Below is the list of complete Microsoft Word Shortcut keys with descriptions

Shortcut KeyDescription
Ctrl + ASelect all contents of the page
Ctrl + BBold highleted selection
Ctrl + CCopy selected text
Ctrl + X Cut selected text
Ctrl + NOpen new / blank document
Ctrl + OOpen options
Ctrl + POpen the print window
Ctrl + FExcel formula window
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + KInsert link
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted selection
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + YRedo the last action performed
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + GFind and replace options
Ctrl + HFind and replace options
Ctrl + JJustify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + LAlign selected text or line to the left
Ctrl + QAlign selected paragraph to the left
Ctrl + EAlign selected text or line to the center
Ctrl + RAlign selected text or line to the right
Ctrl + Mindent the paragraph
Ctrl + IHanging indent
Ctrl + DFont options
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase selected font + 1
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font + 1
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide non printing characters
Ctrl + ←Move one word to the left
Ctrl + →Move one word to the right
Ctrl + ↑Move to the begining of the line or paragraph
Ctrl + ↓Move to the end of the paragraph
Ctrl + DelDelete word to right of cursor
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete word to left of cursor
Ctrl + EndMove cursor to end of document
Ctrl + HomeMove cursor to beginning of document
Ctrl + SpaceReset highlighted text to default font
Ctrl + 1Single-space lines
Ctrl + 2Double-space lines
Ctrl + 51.5-line spacing
Ctrl + Alt + 1Change text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Change text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3Change text to heading 3
F1Open help
Shift + F3Change case of selected text
Shift + InsertPaste
F4Repeat last action performed (Word 2000+)
F7Spell check selected text and /or document
Shift + F7Activate the thesaurus
F12Save as
Ctrl + SSave
Shift + F12Save
Alt + Shift + DInsert the current date
Alt + Shift + TInsert the current Time
Ctrl + WClose document

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