Frequently asked c programs for interview

In this tutorial, we will share a list of frequently asked c programs which will help you to crack your next interviews in the software company. Please keep your close attention in this post as I am going to share Frequently asked c programs for the interview.

List of frequently asked c programs in interviews.

SNo C Programs
1 C Programming Basics
2 Reverse Number Program in C
3 Prime Number Program in C
4 How to Compile and Run a C Programs
5 Your First C Program
6 Fibonacci Series Program in C
7 Palindrome Program in C
8 Armstrong Number Program in C
9 Check Whether a Number is Even or Odd
10 Check Leap Year in C
11 Print Number Triangle in C
12 Print Table of Number in C
13 C Program to Find Length of a String
14 C program to Print First 10 Natural Numbers
15 C Program to Swap Two Numbers
16 C Program to Merge Two arrays
17 C Program to Find the Simple Interest
18 C Program to Print the Alphabet
19 How to Swap Two Numbers Without Using Any Third Variable in C Programming
20 C Program to Find the Largest Element From an Array
21 C Program to Generate Random Number
22 C Program to Print ASCII Table
23 C Program to Compare Two Strings With Output
24 C program to calculate compound interest

Above is the list of c programs which is mostly & commonly asked in the interview for Freshers as well experienced both.

We have shared some programs with tough logic and some programs are based on tricks to solve the problems.

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