Java Interview Questions and Answers

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Below is the list of Java interview question and answer for the beginners. It will also help the experienced Java programmers, who have 1-2 years industry working experience in Java programming.

Question 1) What is the full form of OOPS?
The full form of OOPS is Object Oriented Programming System.

Question 2) Can you write the multiple main() method in a class?
No, We can’t add the multiple main() method, it through an error that main() method has already define.

Question 3) Define Final class in Java?
In the Java programming language, we define the final class with the final keyword that can’t be inherited in another class.

Question 4) What is public class in Java programming language?
A Java class, which is accessed anywhere even outside of the package is called a public class.

Question 5) What is a package in Java programming language?
A package is a namespace or compressed folder, which contains a set of multiple classes, interfaces and resources.

Question 6) What is JVM?
The full form of JVM is Java Virtual Machine, It is an abstract machine which provides the runtime environment to execute the Java bytecode and display the standard output.

Question 7) What is a Instance Variable?
Instance variables are variables which exist within a class but outside any method.

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