4 Lightning UI Features You Must Know

Hi friends, Hope you are doing good. If you are a Salesforce developer, then keep your close attention in this post as I am going to share top 4 Lightning UI Features You Must Know with the screenshots. Salesforce lightning UI (user Interface) is much faster than the Salesforce classic version.

Below are the lists of lightning UI features you must know:

This is a very important feature of lightning UI for the new Stage-based interface available in Opportunities object.

Opportunities Stage Based Interface

There is another new feature added in the Lightning is the Day interface, which allows the sales team to stay focused by checking their results and activities for the day.

Day Interface

By using this features, you can create an interactive dashboards and which will be more easily managed.

Interactive Dashboards

The lightning system have also introduce the Auto-save feature while you are editing any records.

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