C programs using pointers solved examples

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In this section, we cover the c programs based on Pointers with examples and output. We have also added some other c programs for your practice purpose so that you will enhance your knowledge in c programming language.

Pointer in C programming language:

  1. Pointers in C
  2. C program to display mouse pointer in textmode
  3. C program to add two numbers using Pointer

Other C programs with the examples

Below is the list of some other solved C programs examples.

  1. C program to construct a B tree
  2. C program to construct a B tree
  3. C program to draw a 3d bar chart
  4. C program to insert a node in AVL tree
  5. C program to implement selection sort recursively
  6. C program to find the smallest element in array
  7. C program to find the size of a union
  8. C program to reverse a linked list in groups of given size
  9. C program to delete the binary search tree (BST)
  10. C program to write a sentence to a file with output

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