How to Install Salesforce Lightning Inspector

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Salesforce Lightning Inspector is a developer friendly Google chrome extention, which helps salesforce developers to see the component, Salesforce App performance, Transactions, event log, Actions, and Storage.

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Follow the below steps to install the Salesforce Lightning Inspector in your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 1) Open this url

Step 2) Type the “Salesforce Lightning Inspector” in the search textbox.


Step 3) Click on the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button and wait for 1-2 minutes to install it.

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Step 4) After installation done, hit the F12 to load a new “Lightning” tab in the dev tools. In a simple example below you can see for example how many total components were loaded.

Salesforce Lightning Inspector developer

Prem Tiwari

Prem Tiwari is the founder of and also a professional developer and a blogger by hobby.

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