10 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

This page contains the list of 10 most common interview questions and answers which helps you while giving an interview.

10 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

Here, we’ll share the 10 most common interview questions & answers to be asked during HR round:

Q1: Give me a brief Introduction?
This is the most common question to be asked by the HR during an interview while answering this question make sure not to share more information. Answer like: My name is ABC, born and brought-up in XYZ city. There are 4 members in my family. I am interested to work XYZ profile and I want to get a good opportunity on the same profile in your company. My hobbies are (mention accordingly)

Q2: Will you be an Asset for the company? Tell me your strengths to define this?
With this question, the employer wanted to assess whether you have the capability required for the job. They wanted to know how’ll you add value to their company here you can answer like: I’m patient, dedicated, a good team player and fully focused for the assigned work my these qualities will help me to complete each task effectively and efficiently which will surely increase the productivity of the company.

Q3: What are your weaknesses?
Don’t mention the weakness which will adversely affect your job profile. Here you can smartly answer like: I don’t like getting interrupted during working or you can mention the trusting nature that you trust others easily which sometimes get you in trouble these type of answers will not affect your job personality.

Q4: Why do you want to work for us?
Don’t try to do flattering her, you can say that I strongly feel like my strengths will get the desired platform her to explore new ideas and to use the potential effects to achieve the goals. This position is the best fit for you.

Q5: Any great accomplishment in past either in study or employment?
Try to exhibit accomplishments that help you to show your strong personality and the right fit for the position. Don’t take much time to answers this will make a bad impact. And if there is nothing to mention you can simply say that I don’t think I have achieved the best, is yet to come when I’ll achieve my goal along with the company’s goal.

Q6: Reason behind leaving current Job in case of the experienced candidate?
Attention: Don’t criticize your last employer or company at this point; It can make a bad impact on your profile. Instead, focus on the positives and share the good experiences. You can simply mention that for the growth purpose and to explore new ventures I wanted to shift. To gain new experiences.

Q7: What was your salary in your last job?
The most common question again, here you should answer the question with full honesty and transparency. If you tried playing smart here this can be a bad move for you because now companies do detailed verification so don’t spoil this opportunity.

Q8: What are your salary requirements?
This is the most common and toughest question during an interview because the employer somewhere planning for negotiation in this. Here you can answer impressively by saying I’ll appreciate if it would be according to my valuable skills and interview performance rest I’ll go with the company norms.

Why this? Because here your answer doesn’t matter much, the employer will offer you good if they need you otherwise they’ll negotiate which you have to accept if you are not confident of your capability.

Q9: Why we select you out of all other candidates?
Every employer will ask you this question; here he/she wanted to know about your potential. Took this as a chance to highlight your most impressive strengths. You can answer as I’m pretty confident to take responsibilities of this position also my background (Qualification or Job) matches the further requirements of this profile. I have potential to explore in-depth essentials.

Q10: Do you have any questions for us?
Don’t ask too many questions at this point because if you got selected then they will share the complete information here you can decently ask regarding employer’s foremost responsibilities from you after joining.

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