How to Install Node.js® and NPM on Windows

In this tutorial, I will share how to install node.js and NPM on the window. This is very simple & easy steps to install Nodejs in your windows (7 & 10) machine.


How to Install Node.js® and NPM on Windows

Follow the below steps install nodejs and NPM in your Windows machine:

Step 1) Download the Windows installer from the Nodes.js® web site.

Step 2) Run the installer (the .msi file you downloaded in the previous step.)

Step 3) Follow the prompts in the installer (Accept the license agreement, click the NEXT button a bunch of times and accept the default installation settings).

nodejs installer

Step 4) After successfully installation, Restart your computer.

How to test that Nodejs & NPM installed in your Machine

Test Node: Nodejs installed in your machine, now open the command window and type node -v. This will print the nodejs version number, it will see something like this v0.10.35.

Test NPM: To test the NPM type the npm -v command in command window. The NPM version number, it will see something like this 1.4.28.

node command window

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