HR Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2

21. Are you overqualified for this position?
Because you are fresher even though you are overqualified you have to start your career at the lower level. So say, I am not overqualified for this position but may be in the degree but at the same time, I am fresher I should know practical knowledge and enhance my skills.

22. What are you most proud of?
Because you have not achieved much yet so simply say, It is yet to come. The day I achieve my goals while working with the reputed company will be my proudest achievement.

23. How do you respond to change?
I am patient & always positive for each move. This helps me to accept the change positively & effectively.

24. What are your time management skills?
Start saying: It’s my habit to make to-do list always before starting my day so that I’ll manage the prioritized tasks first. So, during my job also I’ll make my task list and prioritize tasks according to senior’s instructions and deliver the tasks timely.

25. Are you reliable, Can I trust you with responsibilities?
“Yes, I am a reliable & dedicated person. If a task is assigned to me, I will handle it dutifully with full dedication and complete within the stipulated time.”

26. What are the three things most important for you in a job?
Honesty, Professionalism, and a healthy work-life balance are important to achieve targets.

27. Tell me something about our company?
You should read about the company before appearing for an interview, if you have knowledge then say it otherwise you can say, I am not very much familiar with your company but as I hear that your company is the fastest growing company in this area. Your company has good standards and goodwill. Also, mention few services of the company.

28. Can you work under pressure?
Yes, because working under pressure will teach me how to handle the critical situations and also improve the ability and skills. It will help me to complete the work even before the deadline.

29. How much salary do you expect?
I except my salary on the basis of my interview, knowledge, and skillset. So, I’ll go with company standards. Or,

I’m fine with the average salary being offered to a fresher as per the norms of your company.

30. Are you willing to relocate or travel?
I would definitely go for it If the opportunity is appropriate & rewarding.

31. Are you applying for other jobs? Do you have any other offer in hand?
You can be transparent here, tell them as you are fresher you are appearing for interviews in a few top companies. Because this is pretty much known to the employer as well.

32. When can you start?
I would love to start immediately, it depends when you need me to join.

33. Are you comfortable for night shifts?
Don’t commit to anything which makes you uncomfortable. You can say: yes, I can work if there is urgency once in a while but would normally prefer day shifts to maintain a work-life balance.

34. How would you face a difficult situation?
I wouldn’t panic at pace, I would break down the task list on what’s crucial and on priority in the given time, run it through and deliver same.

35. What are your thoughts on teamwork?
I prefer working in a team. In this way, different members put up different ideas for more productive results.

36. What is your ideal work environment?
I would like to work in a positive and motivating environment, with a group of people who are really passionate about their work.

37. How would you handle criticism from teammates and seniors, if hired?
Say that criticism does hurt but it teaches some lessons as well. This helps you to correct yourself if you are wrong somewhere. Mention that you are fine with justifiable criticism as long as it helps you develop better results.

38. what will be your strategy for the next 60 days, if selected?
I’ll use my first 60 days in grasping my role & responsibilities carefully to work for the company’s overall profitability.

39. How do you rate your communication skills?
It is important to have good communication skills because during job you have to deal with people inside and outside of the company. If you have good skills, then say it otherwise work on it.

40. Why do you consider yourself a suitable candidate for us?
I’m fresher & a quick learner, I have the passion and dedication to work with full potential. if I get hired I’ll give my best.

41. If you were hiring for this position, what qualities would you look for in a candidate?
Mention the qualities which you believe that is important and If you don’t have that quality then say, I accept that & Back up with a positive body language.

42. Can you work independently?
Yes, I can work independently but prefer teamwork for better understanding and more ideas.

43. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
It depends upon the situation If there is any presentation or some event of the company which requires me to talk a lot of people, I will become an extrovert while in serious discussion, I think quietly and deeply.

44. How do you feel about doing repetitive work?
You can say: I like to do creative work but I as this would be mine first job, repetition in work will help me to understand the particular task appropriately.

45. Yes, just one, what would be the immediate expectations from me? if selected.?

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