HR Interview Questions and Answers

There are the most frequently asked questions during a HR round interview. Our suggestions are that your answers should be short, transparent and to the point. Here we’ll share some possible impactful answers to help you leave a great impression in the first round only.

1. Brief About yourself and your background?
Make sure not to share more personal information, start your answer: I am from XYZ City and belong to a nuclear family. I discover myself as a dedicated, hardworking & confident person.
I’m a B. Tech in Computer Science/B. Com in Economics (Qualification). Also, mention the completed certification course if any like Digital Marketing from ABC Academy.
I will carry out every task assigned to me with the positive attitude and the provided instructions. In the case of doubts, I never hesitate to put my queries ahead.

2. Forethought, for further studies?
Be straight in your answer.
If you are pursuing further studies, say so. They should know this because you will need to take leave when you’ll appear exams. Otherwise simply say that for now, I don’t have any plans further for studies.

3. Why you’re interested in this job profile?
Here You should convince yourself first for the career you choose. This will surely help you to assure the interviewer that you are serious about the particular job. Mention the interest and studies completed to enter in specific job domain.

4. What are hard work and smart work for you?
Say: To me, Hard work means: doing work for more time to complete any task, this shows your focus & Smart work means: doing work with less time and the result is the same. This shows your ability and intelligence.

5. Tell me about your career options at present?
To get placed in reputed company like yours with this I would enhance my professional skills to contribute myself to the growth of the company.

6. Will your career objectives and goals fulfill if joined us?
Answer this with utmost caution. As this job profile matches my studies, through this I will get to know the practical knowledge for same which will give rapid growth to my career. I can use and develop skills while working for you.

7. What are your strengths & greatest fear(weakness)?
Attention: Don’t say much for this question which makes you overconfident in the statement. You can say, I have several strengths such as– I am patient, committed towards words and work, a good listener and self-motivated. My greatest weakness is my inexperience, as this is my first job.

8. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
This seems a simple question but make sure not to commit a definite number of years, You can say; As long I and the company get something productive & beneficial for each other. If both growing efficiently in terms of monetary and non-monetary aspects leaving this company would be out of the box question.

9. What is the guarantee you will not leave us soon?
Point out or mention to the interviewer that you are not looking for money only. Instead, say that I’m interested in developing a career, enhancing new skills and developing my talent which I strongly feel that will get here so leaving in less time would be detrimental for me only.

10. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
Your answer should be like “My current goal is to find a stable career that ensures continued growth with new challenges daily. In the next 3 years from now, I see myself as the well-founded and expert on the high designation in the company like yours ready to take up managerial responsibilities taking good remuneration. Hope I will get the same wherever I start.”

11. Are you open to new technology & how quickly you can adapt it?
Being fresher I can and wanted to adopt new technologies to gather more practical experience. I’m very much clear about my job roles, so I’m mentally prepared as well to take up challenges positively, I will enjoy working on new technologies in my professional, Because I’m a fast learner and apply my new knowledge.

12. Brief your short-term and long-term goals?
“My short-term goal is joining a reputed company, where I can apply my theoretical knowledge and key strengths in my job roles. I want to get recognized for my high accomplishments to the company in the long-run.”

13. What will motivate you in Job?
You can mention your dedication to this, Like: “Meeting the set target/deadline within the stipulated time will motivate me the most. When I do so, I will feel more motivated. In brief, I like to achieve milestones, visible results will motivate me.

14. What do you mean by creativity in Job?
For me, creativity is doing different things in different ways, It is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into work tasks, thinking out of the box and address issues from a different perspective. In brief, converting hard work into smart work.

15. Explain how would you be an asset to this organization?
By executing my abilities, skills, goals & ideas I can become the best asset to the organization. AS I said I’m a hard worker and dedicated person, I can implement all skills while working in this organization.

16. How do you define success tell me your own definition?
For me, Success means achieving your goals. Also, success and failure both are equal as both increases responsibility.

17. What are your outside interests?
My interests are learning new things in different fields, shopping, Traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people. spending time with my family also loves to watch movies etc.

18. What are you passionate about?
You can mention your passion here, like dancing, playing guitar or painting. This doesn’t mean that you have to make a career in that only this passion helps you to stay relax and calm in difficult situations. If we say for painting. You can say the whole exercise of painting a blank canvas with colors relaxes me.

19. What are your biggest achievements to date?
Mention your academic achievements here if any. Either the academic or extra curriculum.

20. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
This is a general question, you can mention the name of the person inspiring you in life from whom you are learning something. It could be your mom, dad, teacher anyone. With the name make sure to mention the reason why. Because he/she teaches me the lesson of practical life, always motivates me & tell me all about the situation they were suffer so I can face that easily and make my future brighter.

Or In brief, you can say by challenges which I’m facing in my working struggling days.

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