SEO Interview Questions and Answers

This page contains the list of SEO interview questions and answers, which is collected to help you to crack your next SEO interviews.

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

We’ve compiled some common SEO Interview Questions and Answers asked during interviews:

Q1: Brief the term SEO and introduce its types?
Search engine optimization, a process in which the web page keeps changing its position or website in a search engine comes up by using specific keywords.

Two Types of SEO are:

  1. ON Page Optimization
  2. OFF Page Optimization

Q2: Name the SEO techniques?
There are two SEO techniques: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO also known as Negative SEO.

Q3: Can we check is SEO campaign working or not? How?
Yes, we can check. Firstly, you have to search for all search engines engaging relevant keywords which are optimized. After this analysis, you’ll get the result that whether the methods of optimization worked properly or not. Make sure to be analyzed on a regular basis. Also, take care of the other aspect of website statistics that is the origin of traffic.

Q4: which major search engines you know?
There are different search engines used in recent times, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Yandex, many more.

Q5: what do you mean by the term Web Hosting?
Web hosting is the space provided to the websites over the internet. Through web host and by offering space on the server, one can view the website via modem or network. There are different kinds of web hosting which can be used as per the requirements of web developers.

Q6: Define the Importance of SEO & How can we make a website search engine friendly?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very vital for the website. The scope of SEO is very vast, In recent times SEO has become the essential thing for every business holding website. SEO tools are used to increase the position of the website and to expand searches simultaneously in pages on sites like Google, Yahoo etc.

Q7: Describe the term Local SEO?
This is understandable with the name also, that SEO to be done for the particular area to target the local customers, like offering the business online to local customers. This helps one to grow their business locally and offering the goods and services at the right time.

Q8: Distinguish between SEO and SMO?
Both terms are inter-related. SEO is the approach used to get the website or web page ranked on the search engines like Google, Bing or yahoo etc. But only getting ranked will not help the business to get traffic on the website we need SMO .i.e. Social Media Optimization, in which several social media platform are used to get traffic on websites.

Q9: What do you mean by Keywords and why they are used?
The keyword is the term to be used by users to in search box to get the desired results. Then, the search engine checks for its database and provides the web page as result.

The keyword is important because with this business can reach their targets audiences, they provide the designed source of the target audience. With the keywords, the target audience can find you easily.

Q10: Where to add the Keywords, any particular area?
Yes, this is very important to add the keyword to the right place. Otherwise, the website will not get ranked. So here are the areas where we have to add the keywords:
1) -H1 Tag,
2) -Body Text,
3) -Image Name
4) -Alt Attribute

Q11: What is keyword stemming?
This is a process of generating new words from the same root word.

Q12: Which are the commonly used SEO tools?
There are several SEO tools which can be used but majorly used are Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Keyword Planner etc.

Q13: what do you mean by Google Search Console?
Google Search Console was formerly known as Google webmaster, with this webmasters can check their website indexing status and the optimize visibility of same.

Q14: Define the Blackhat and White Hat SEO?
Black Hat SEO is the term in which to get the higher rank on search engine experts to use the illegal or unethical techniques, which are totally crooked as per the norms.

White Hat SEO is the completely opposite term of black hat in which the ethical techniques which are as per the search engine rules to target their particular audience.

Q15: What is Google Spider?
Google spider is the Google’s own crawling bot, which used to crawl millions of websites daily.

Because this crawling bot crawls many sites in one go like a spider has many legs so its name as Google spider. We can use Web spiders and crawlers interchangeably.

Q16: What is the term Sitemap?
A sitemap is the list of pages available on the website, which can be checked by the user & spider only. No one else has the authority. This is mainly used to give the right path to the crawler to go through all pages.

Q17: What is the term Google Sandbox?
It is a place which is known as the storing place for Google. A new website can’t appear on the search engine directly so, to store new websites Google uses the sandbox until the Google verifies its legitimacy.

Q18: Describe organic result?
As name defines organic, pure, free or natural same as In SEO, the organic result means to list the web pages which are most relevant to the searched query. To get a high ranking in the organic result is one of the foremost objectives of SEO.

Q19: which are internal links and why do internal links matter?
Internal links are the links linking to another page within your website and these links matters because they helped to get your all website content crawled and ranked properly.

Q20: what do mean by Page Title SEO?
This term helps to sum up the page content accurately and optimize the keywords and other information also to get the maximum traffic.

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