5 Things You Should Know About Apple’s Swift

In this tutorial, I will let you know the 5 things you should know about the apple’s Swift programming language. If you a Swift beginner or want to start with the Swift programming, then tutorial will help you to know the should know things in Swift programming.

swift programming logo

1. You can experiment with Swift code in “Playgrounds.

You have an option to do all your R&D (Research & Development) in Swift Playground before implement in the real-time project.

2. Swift handles strings more easily

Swift programming handles string in the better way to compare of other programming languages and drives you mad in Objective-C, then you’ll love Swift, as the way you deal with strings in the new language is much simpler.

3. Functional programming

Swift is not a purely functional programming language. It firmly embraces higher-order functions such as map, filter, reduces and flatMap.

Below is an example of Swift programming code:

4. Property observers

Property observers are the one of the favorite out-of-box of Swift programming language. Below example will demonstrate how it works is fairly simple:

5. Open-source

It is an open-source programming language. You can also contribute in Swift programming.


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