WordPress Optimization/Cheat Sheet

This is a quick list of the key areas in which WordPress can be optimized. The biggest gain for the least effort comes from caching.

WordPress Optimization/Cheat Sheet

Below are the action items you can do to optimize your WordPress site and reduce your page loading time.

  • Server Optimization
    • DNS onto a separate server
    • Web Server optimization
    • PHP acceleration / optimization
    • MySQL tweaking (query cache, etc)
  • WordPress Performance
    • Remove unused plugins
    • Optimize plugins
    • Optimize themes, hardcode static vars, etc
  • Offloading
    • Offload static files to separate server
    • Optimized web servers like publicfile, lighttpd, etc
    • Offload feed traffic
  • Caching
    • WordPress caching (application level)
    • Browser caching (client side)
    • Web server caching (server side)
  • Adding Database Servers

Refference: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Optimization/Cheat_Sheet

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