10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are around 1.24 billion websites being used all around the world. The competition is huge, but one should keep in mind that you don’t have to attract all internet users. Your goal is just to get more people or traffic as your target audience to visit your site.


Below are ten simple ways to drive traffic to your website in less time:

1. Perform On-Page SEO well

There are numerous SEO tactics which can drive the visitors count. You have to perform On-Page Seo on each of your website pages to increase their respective ranks in search engines and get more visitors likewise.
This embraces producing high-quality content that target audience exploring for and also includes writing compact Meta descriptions for all pages. In this way, the Meta description will appear below your URL in search results. This makes the website or page more likely to do so for the user when they’ll get the information below link that what that page or link is all about.

2. Get Social with Hashtags

The great content is not enough to get the attention of visitors; you have to get social & proactive same time. The best way to increase traffic is to get social with Hashtags, use media channels to promote your content. There is a couple of trending channels like Twitter, snappy (and tempting) links, Pinterest and Instagram, for more personalized results get into Google+ etc.

3. Choose Inviting Headlines

The most important part of the content is its Headline; Visitors will drive on your site only if they’ll find something irresistible in content. Without an appealing headline, even the most interesting blog post will go unread. Master this part of writing, draft different headlines before settling on the one that will drive the most traffic, and publish it at last.

4. Social Bookmarking Websites


Social bookmarking sites list

Well, there are various social bookmarking sites but the most popular social bookmarking websites are http://diigo.com, http://reddit.com, https://scoop.it etc, also these are High DA social bookmarking sites list. List one of the best platforms to promote your website. When you bookmark your webpage on most popular social bookmarking websites, you’ll gain high traffic to your website.

5. Use Landing Pages


Landing Pages

Another way to drive the traffic is to create landing pages relevant to your services. This is the foremost and basic source of driving traffic to your website. Moreover, the landing pages will include the important details that users need to know to move forward and convert.

6. Get Listed Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission is also a way to drive the traffic as it constantly works to build quality backlinks for the site. Choose an effective and High DA directory submission sites list to get in. It takes a bit time to deliver good results, but results will stand out over a longer time. You can explore for the list as a couple of free directory submissions sites are also available.

7. Article Submission

One more way to drive traffic with off page SEO activity is to submit your articles in a high DA article submission sites list. Also, give links to your website after exploring high DA article submission sites list. Make sure your content is distinctive and of good quality. Accurate category and title also matter.

8. Get Favor of PR RSS Feed Submission Sites:



PR RSS feeds can contribute to your website by updating content in front of the target audience in the present situation of constantly changing content. Below is the list of free high page rank RSS feed submission sites to promote your feeds which will accordingly gain in traffic to the website:

Get the more free high PR RSS feed submission sites.

9. Role of Australia Free Classified Sites

You’ll easily get the Australia classified sites list 2018 on Google, What’s important here is, you should know how these sites will get you the traffic. Classified ads have always played a vital role in SEO optimization by helping not only in driving traffic but to generate sales as well.

Following is the recent list:

  • http://www.goodlist.com.au
  • http://adbuysell.com.au
  • http://www.aussiezone.com.au

There are many more and these classified sites allow you to get quality backlinks and improves your website visibility on Google and other search engines. The Audience always relies on the trustworthy sites for quality results and Australia Free Classified Sites has carried that reputation. Get the more australia classified sites list 2018

10. Build up with free web 2.0 sites list 2018

Oh yes!! With High PR free Web 2.0 Sites List of 2018 you can increase your link building and boost your SEO. There are numerous web 2.0 sites, which will definitely help you getting high-quality links and likewise helps you to gain high traffic on your website.

Following is the list of few:

  • http://wordpress.com
  • http://blogspot.com
  • http://blogger.com
  • http://issuu.com
  • http://xing.com


Okay, so above mentioned ways are the best ways to drive the traffic on your website, these ways will give you a sense of the general areas that from where your traffic will come from and how you should go about increasing numbers. Remember, tracking is a must. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, be aware of trending ways and techniques to drive the volume of target audience.

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