conio.h functions list in c

What is conio.h in c?

Conio.h is a C header file used mostly by MS-DOS compilers to provide console input/output. It is not part of the C standard library or ISO C, nor it is defined by POSIX. This header declares several useful library functions for performing “console input and output” from a program.

The library functions declared by conio.h vary somewhat from compiler to compiler. As originally implemented in Lattice C, the various functions mapped directly to the first few DOS INT 21H functions.

Conio.h functions list in c

Following are the list of conio.h functions list in c programming language.

Function Name Descriptions
kbhit Determines if a keyboard key was pressed
cgets Reads a string directly from the console
cscanf Reads formatted values directly from the console
putch Writes a character directly to the console
cputs Writes a string directly to the console
cprintf Formats values and writes them directly to the console
clrscr Clears the screen
getch Get char entry from the console

Source code of Conio.h header file.




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