New and updated functions list in WordPress 5.3 version

Want to know what’s new functions introduced in WordPress 5.3 release? In this tutorial, I am going to share the new and updated functions list in WordPress 5.3.

List of functions in WordPress 5.3:

  • addslashes_strings_only()
  • add_comments_page()
  • add_dashboard_page()
  • add_links_page()
  • add_management_page()
  • add_media_page()
  • add_options_page()
  • add_pages_page()
  • add_plugins_page()
  • add_posts_page()
  • add_post_type_support()
  • add_query_arg()
  • add_settings_error()
  • add_submenu_page()
  • add_theme_page()
  • View all

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