Commonly used file extensions and their full forms

I this page, we are sharing the commonly used file extensions and their full forms which helps you to increase your general knowledge.

File extensions and their full forms

If you guys ever encounter with these, .pdf, .ppt, .docx, .txt etc file’s Extensions, then you should consider to look our below extensions list.

Text File Format Full Form

  • .txt              Plain Text File
  • .doc            Microsoft Word Document
  • .docx          Microsoft Word Open XML Document
  • .msg           Outlook Mail Message
  • .wps            Microsoft Word Processor Document
  • .tex             LaTex Source Document
  • .rtf              Rich Text File
  • .log             Log File
  • .pages         Pages Document
  • .odt             Open Document Text Document
  • .wpd           Word Perfect Document

Audio Files Format Full Form

  • .wma           Windows Media Audio File
  • .wav             WAVE Audio File
  • .mid             MIDI File
  • .mp3            MP3 Audio File
  • .mpa            MPEG-2 Audio File
  • .m4a            MPEG-4 Audio File
  • .m3u            Media Playlist File
  • .iff                Interchange File Format
  • .aif               Audio Interchange File Format
  • .ra                Real Audio File

Video Files Format full form

  • .3gp            3GPP Multimedia File
  • .3g2            3GPP2 Multimedia File
  • .wmv          Windows Media Video File
  • .swf             Shockwave Flash Movie
  • .srt              SubRip Subtitle File
  • .rm             Real Media File
  • .mov           Apple QuickTime Movie
  • .mp4           MPEG-4 Video File
  • .mpg           MPEG Video File
  • .flv              Flash Video File
  • .avi             Audio Video Interleave File
  • .asf             Advanced System File
  • .asx            Microsoft ASF Redirector File
  • .vob            DVD Video Object File

Image Files Format Full Form

  • .bmp           Bitmap File
  • .dds             DirectDraw Surface
  • .dng            Digital negative Image File
  • .gif              Graphical Interchange File Format
  • .jpg             JPEG Image
  • .png            Portable Network Graphic
  • .psd            Adobe Photoshop Document
  • .pspimage   PaintShop Pro Image
  • .tga              Targa Graphics
  • .thm            Thumbnail Image File
  • .tif               Tagged Image File
  • .yuv             YUV Encoded Image File

3-D Image Files Format Full Form

  • .3dm          Rhino 3D Model
  • .3ds            3D Studio Scene
  • .max          3ds Max Scene File
  • .obj            WaveFront 3D Object File

Executable Files Format Full Form

  • .apk             Android Package File
  • .app             Mac OS X Application
  • .bat              DOS Batch File
  • .cgi               Common Gateway Interface Script
  • .com             DOS Command File
  • .exe              Windows Executable File
  • .gadget         Window Gadget
  • .jar               Java Archive File
  • .pif                Program Information File
  • .vb                VBScript File
  • .wsf               Windows Script File

Web File Format Full Form

  • .asp              Active Server Pages
  • .aspx            Active Server Pages Extended
  • .cer              Internet security File
  • .cfm             ColdFusion Markup File
  • .csr              Certificate Signing Request File
  • .css              Cascading Style Sheet
  • .htm             HyperText Markup Language
  • .html            HyperText Markup Language
  • .js                 JavaScript File
  • .jsp               Java Server Pages
  • .php             PHP source Code File
  • .rss               Rich Site Summary
  • .xhtml          Extended HyperText Markup Language

Compressed File Format Full Form

  • .7z             7-zip Compressed File
  • .cbr           Comic Book RAR Archive
  • .deb           Debian Software Package
  • .gz             Gnu Zipped Archive
  • .pkg           Mac OS X Installer Package
  • .rar           WinRAR Compressed Archive
  • .rpm          Red Hat Package Manager File
  • .sit             Stufflt Archive
  • .sitx           Stufflt X Archieve
  • .tar.gz       Compressed Tarball File
  • .zip             Zipped File
  • .zipx           Extended Zipped File

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