PDF Full Form, What is the Full form of PDF?

What is the Full form of PDF?

PDF: Portable Document Format

The Portable Document Format (PDF) (redundantly: PDF format) is a file format developed by Adobe in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF was standardised as ISO 32000 in 2008, and no longer requires any royalties for its implementation.

You can also convert your PDF (Portable Document Format for Archiving, Forms Data Format, any printable document) back and forth from many other formats such as below:

  • Microsoft Office formats,
  • Rich Text Format,
  • Open office,
  • WordPerfect,
  • Microsoft Windows Bitmap,
  • Windows Metafile,
  • Enhanced Metafile,
  • Graphics Interchange Format,
  • Microsoft HD Photo File,
  • JPEG File Interchange,
  • JPEG 2000 File Format and Code Stream,
  • Portable Network Graphics,
  • Tagged Image File,
  • HyperText Markup Language,
  • MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents,
  • Scalable Vector Graphics,
  • Microsoft Outlook, Text,
  • XML Paper Specification,
  • Extensible Markup Language,
  • Silverlight XPS Document,
  • Extensible Application Markup Language


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