Software terminology full form

Software terminology full form: Theres a lot of jargon that gets used around Technology.

Software terminology full form

Below is a breakdown of some of the acronyms that are commonly used in software development.

WordsFull Form
AIA full formAudience, Insights and Analytics
AIT full formAnalytics Implementation Team
API full formApplication Programming Interface
BAU full formBusiness as usual
BI full formBusiness Intelligence
CCB full formChange Control Board
CDC full formCustomer Data Committee
CDP full formCustomer Data Platform
CMS full formContent Management System
COP full formCommunity of Practice
COTS full formCommercial Off-The-Shelf Software
CPN full formCustomer Profile Number
D2P full formDigital Data Platform
DTI full formDwell Time Index
DW full formData Warehouse
ETL full formExtract, Transform, Load
FTP full formFile Transfer Protocol
GBQ full formGoogle BiqQuery: D2P database
INCA full formIntelligent News Contextual Analytics
MAIN full formMonetisation, Access & Identity services for News UK
NGN full formNews Group Newspapers
NLP full formNatural Language Processing
PL full formPresentation Layer
PLG full formProduct Leadership Group
RDS full formRelational Data Store
S3 full formSimple Story System
SLT full formSenior Leadership Team
SME full formSubject Matter Expert
TLS full formTimes Literary Supplement
TNL full formTime Newspapers Limited
UAT full formUser Acceptance Testing
UCP full formUniversal Customer Profile
UDP full formUnified Data Platforms
UML full formUnified modelling language

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