What is the full form of BCA

BCA: Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a four-year undergraduate degree in Nepal and three-year undergraduate degree course in India. With a BCA, students can study for a masters in computer application.

What is the full form of BCA

Minimum Qualification for BCA Admission

The minimum qualification needed for BCA is 10+2 from any reputed university or after 10th, a person should have done a 2 or 3-year of any diploma degrees.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Course Subjects

Below are the subjects semester wise which you need to study during your BCA study.

1st Year : Semester – 1

  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
  • Business Accounting
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (OA+PPA)

1st Year : Semester – 2

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Elements of Statistics
  • C Programming
  • File Structure and Database Concepts
  • Cost Accounting
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (C.P + DBMS)

2nd Year: Semester – 3

  • Numerical Methods
  • Data Structure using C
  • Software Engineering
  • Management Accounting
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (D.S + RDBMS)

2nd Year: Semester – 4

  • Networking
  • Visual Basic
  • Inventory Management (SAD)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work ( VB + C++ )

3rd Year: Semester – 5

  • .NET Frameworks
  • Internet Programming and Cyber Law
  • Principals of Marketing
  • Core Java
  • Project work ( VB )
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (.NET + Core Java )

3rd Year: Semester – 6

  • Multimedia Systems
  • Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems
  • Advance Java
  • Project Work ( Banking & Finance , Cost Analysis , Financial Analysis ,Payroll , EDP ,ERP etc.)
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (Multimedia + Advanced Java)

Career Opportunity after BCA Degree

  • System engineer
  • Programmer
  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • System Administrator

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