WordPress attachment functions

What is an attachment in WordPress?

The term attachment is used for files uploaded to WordPress from post edit screen. Files uploaded directly to the Media Library are not particularly attached to a post or page. An attachment can be any file that can be uploaded using the media upload.

WordPress attachment functions

Below are the list of WordPress attachment functions:

  • get_attached_file
  • image_resize (deprecated)
  • image_edit_before_change (ported to WP_Image_Editor object)
  • is_attachment
  • is_local_attachment
  • set_post_thumbnail
  • update_attached_file
  • wp_attachment_is_image
  • wp_create_thumbnail (deprecated)
  • wp_insert_attachment
  • wp_delete_attachment
  • wp_get_attachment_image
  • wp_get_attachment_link
  • wp_get_attachment_image_src
  • wp_get_attachment_metadata
  • wp_get_attachment_thumb_file
  • wp_get_attachment_thumb_url
  • wp_get_attachment_url
  • wp_check_for_changed_slugs
  • wp_count_posts
  • wp_get_mime_types
  • wp_mime_type_icon
  • wp_generate_attachment_metadata
  • wp_prepare_attachment_for_js
  • wp_update_attachment_metadata

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