WordPress Category, Tag and Taxonomy Functions

This tutorial is a collection of WordPress category, tag and taxonomy functions list. This list also includes the deprecated functions. Function with red colour is deprecated in new version of WordPress.

What is WordPress Category?

WordPress categories are a way of grouping posts on your blog. They are just one of the taxonomies that WordPress uses to organize content on the website. You can create as many taxonomies as you need, but that requires custom code or plugins.

WordPress Category Functions

Below are the list of WordPress category functions:

  • cat_is_ancestor_of
  • get_all_category_ids (deprecated)
  • get_ancestors
  • get_cat_ID
  • get_cat_name
  • get_categories
  • get_category
  • get_category_by_path
  • get_category_by_slug
  • get_the_category_by_ID
  • get_the_category_list
  • get_category_link
  • get_category_parents
  • get_the_category
  • single_cat_title
  • in_category
  • is_category
  • the_category
  • wp_category_checklist
  • wp_dropdown_categories
  • wp_list_categories

Category Creation Functions

  • wp_create_category
  • wp_delete_category
  • wp_insert_category

WordPress Tags Functions

  • get_tag
  • get_tag_link
  • get_tags
  • get_the_tag_list
  • get_the_tags
  • has_tag
  • is_tag
  • the_tags
  • single_tag_title
  • tag_description
  • wp_generate_tag_cloud
  • wp_tag_cloud

WordPress Taxonomy Functions

  • get_object_taxonomies
  • get_edit_term_link
  • get_taxonomy
  • get_taxonomies
  • get_term
  • get_the_term_list
  • get_term_by
  • the_terms
  • get_the_terms
  • get_term_children
  • get_term_link
  • get_terms
  • is_taxonomy (deprecated)
  • is_tax
  • is_taxonomy_hierarchical
  • is_term (deprecated)
  • taxonomy_exists
  • term_exists
  • register_taxonomy
  • register_taxonomy_for_object_type
  • wp_get_object_terms
  • wp_remove_object_terms
  • wp_set_object_terms
  • wp_insert_term
  • wp_update_term
  • wp_delete_term
  • wp_terms_checklist

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