WordPress post functions

In this tutorial, I am sharing the list of WordPress post functions which you can use when customise your WordPress blog/websites.

What is WordPress post?

A WordPress post is what makes up the blog aspect of your site. These are generally news or informational updates about a certain topic or talking point. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order and can be tagged, categorized and even archived on your site. Read more about: WordPress Post: A Beginners Guide

WordPress post functions

Below are the list of WordPress post functions:

  • get_adjacent_post
  • get_boundary_post
  • get_children
  • get_extended
  • get_next_post
  • get_next_posts_link
  • next_posts_link
  • get_permalink
  • the_permalink
  • get_the_excerpt
  • the_excerpt
  • get_the_post_thumbnail
  • get_post
  • get_post_field
  • get_post_ancestors
  • get_post_mime_type
  • get_post_status
  • get_post_format
  • set_post_format
  • get_edit_post_link
  • get_delete_post_link
  • get_previous_post
  • get_previous_posts_link
  • previous_posts_link
  • get_posts
  • have_posts
  • is_post (deprecated)
  • is_single
  • is_sticky
  • get_the_ID
  • the_ID
  • the_post
  • wp_get_recent_posts
  • wp_get_single_post (deprecated)
  • has_post_thumbnail
  • has_excerpt
  • has_post_format

WordPress custom post type functions

  • register_post_type
  • is_post_type_archive
  • post_type_archive_title
  • add_post_type_support
  • remove_post_type_support
  • post_type_supports
  • set_post_type
  • post_type_exists
  • get_post_type
  • get_post_types
  • get_post_type_archive_link
  • get_post_type_object
  • get_post_type_capabilities
  • get_post_type_labels
  • is_post_type_hierarchical

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