Important python programs for CBSE Class 11

In this tutorial, we have shared a list of important python programs for CBSE class 11. CBSE Revision Notes Class 11 Computer Science Python in PDF format covers the new syllabus of computer science (python).

CBSE chapter-wise notes cover the whole syllabus and include:

1.Programming and Computational Thinking ..1-37

  1. Basic Python Programming and Simple Data Types
  2. Variables and Manipulating Methods
  3. Data Types and Operators
  4. Conditional Statements and Simple Programs
  5. Iterative computation and control flow
  6. Debugging
  7. Lists, tuples and dictionary
  8. Sorting algorithm
  9. Strings

2.Computer Systems and Organisation .. 38-59

  1. Basic computer organization
  2. Types of Software
  3. Language of Bits and Boolean logic
  4. Information representation and Strings
  5. Execution of Program, Interpreters, and OS
  6. Concept of cloud computing

3.Data Management .. 60-70

  1. Database
  2. SQL Commands
  3. Basics of NoSQL Databases

4. Society Law and Ethics Cyber safety .. 71-82

  1. Cyber safety
  2. Appropriate usage of social networks
  3. Safely accessing websites
  4. Safely communicating data

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