Basic Computer Interview Questions And Answers

This page contains the list of basic computer interview questions and answers to help the computer beginners to crack their interview.

Basic Computer Interview Questions and Answers

Here, We’ll share the Basic Computer Interview Questions and Answers, have a look:

Q1: Name the Father of the computer?
Charles Babbage is known as Father of Computer.

Q2: What do you mean by Accelerator key?
The accelerator key is the shortcut for the command. It could be any shortcut.

Q3: Define the term Bit?
Bit is known as the short of binary digit, It can be 0 or 1.

Q4: Differentiate between Bit and Binary?
The smallest unit in a computer which has single binary value, either 0 or 1 is known as Bit. whereas Binary, designed to store data & implement instructions in bit multiplies.

Q5: What is an Active window?
As the name suggests, Active means the current window user using is called an Active window.

Q6: What do you mean by CD-R?
CD-R full form is Compact Disc Recordable, a special compact disc which can have the information written on it once.

Q7: Define Command and command button?
A command is an option on application’s menu where the user can type the file in the Run dialog box in windows. And Command button is simply when the user clicks the button( where the command typed)to cause the action to occur.

Q8: Brief Control Panel?
Control Panel is in setting options which allow the user to change the variety of options in windows and system settings.

Q9: What are drag and drop?
As name defining, these terms are the process in which user clicks on an object, hold it and takes to another location to another file to save.

Q10: What is Hard Disk Drive?
Drive is known as the data storage device which includes the floppy disk drive, hard disk drive etc.

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