C Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we are sharing the most common C programming interview questions and answers which helps you to crack your next interviews.

C Interview Questions and Answers:

1. How to reverse a sentence with a program?

Ans: This is a very simple program having the following logic.

2. What is the difference between character array and string in C?

Ans: Below are the comparison table to shows the difference between character array and string in c programming language.


Basis for Comparison Character Array String
Basic Character array is collection of variables, of character data type. String is class and variables of string are the object of class “string”.
Syntax char array_name [size]; string string_name;
Indexing An individual character in a character array can be accessed by its index in array. In string the particular character can be accessed by the function “string_name.charAt(index)”.
Data Type A character array does not define a datatype. A string defines a datatype in C++.
Operators Operators in C++ can not be applied on character array. You may apply standard C++ operator on the string.
Boundary Array boundaries are easily overrun. Boundaries will not overrun.
Access Fast accessing. Slow accessing.

3.Write a program to reverse a linked list?

Ans: Below is the program to reverse a linked list.

4. How will you change the value of a constant variable in C?

Ans: Constant can be changed by using the pointer. Initialize a pointer to point to the value of a and then change the value using the pointer. See the below c program.

5. What are the key features in the C programming language?
Ans: Below are the key features of c programming language.
  • Portability – Platform independent language.
  • Modularity – Possibility to break down large programs into small modules.
  • Flexibility – The possibility to a programmer to control the language.
  • Speed – C comes with support for system programming and hence it is compiling and executes with high speed when compared with other high-level languages.
  • Extensibility – Possibility to add new features by the programmer.

6. What are the basic data types associated with C?

Ans: Following are the basic data types associated with C:

  • Int – Represent the number (integer)
  • Float – Number with a fraction part.
  • Double – Double-precision floating-point value
  • Char – Single character
  • Void – Special purpose type without any value.

7. What is indirection?

Ans: If you have defined a pointer to a variable or any memory object, there is no direct reference to the value of the variable. This is called indirect reference. But when we declare a variable it has a direct reference to the value.

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