Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Below are the lists of most frequently asked Laravel Interview Questions and answer for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get the right job.

  1. What do you mean by bundles?
  2. Explain important directories used in a common Laravel application
  3. Explain reverse routing in Laravel
  4. Explain the concept of contracts in Laravel
  5. What are the advantages of using Laravel?
  6. Explain validation concept in Laravel
  7. Name databases supported by Laravel
  8. List out common artisan commands used in Laravel
  9. Differentiate between delete() and softDeletes()
  10. How can you make real time sitemap.xml file in Laravel?
  11. Name some Inbuilt Authentication Controllers of Laravel
  12. How to define Laravel guard?
  13. What is the use of Object Relational Mapping?
  14. What do you mean by Laravel Dusk?
  15. What is Laravel Forge?
  16. What is difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel?
  17. Explain the concept of encryption and decryption in Laravel
  18. How to share data with views?
  19. What is validations in laravel?
  20. List out the some features of Laravel 6?
  21. What do you understand by Eloquent ORM?
  22. What is Query Builder in Laravel?
  23. How will you describe Bundles in Laravel?
  24. What is IOC (Inversion of Control)?
  25. Explain reverse routing in Laravel?
  26. What is eloquent in Laravel?
  27. How to mock a static facade method in Laravel?
  28. How to upload files in laravel?
  29. How to use mail() in laravel?
  30. How to use session in laravel?
  31. What is the use of the cursor() method in Laravel?
  32. How to make a constant and use globally?
  33. What is the use of PHP compact function?
  34. What are the requirements for Laravel?
  35. How will you explain dd() function in Laravel?
  36. What do you understand by Unit testing?
  37. Does Laravel support caching?
  38. What is a composer, and how can we install Laravel by the composer?
  39. What getFacadeAccessor method does?
  40. How to get Logged in user info in Laravel?
  41. What is the benefit of eager loading, when do you use it?
  42. What are Macros in Laravel?
  43. How to register a middleware in Laravel?
  44. What are Deferred Providers in laravel?
  45. What is Laravel Homestead?
  46. What is Listeners in Laravel?
  47. What is Homebrew?
  48. What are accessor and mutator in laravel?
  49. How to clear config cahe in Laravel?
  50. How to remove /public from URL in laravel?

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